Exploring Ironwood Hills | Part 2



Exploring Ironwood Hills | Part 1

So I decided to explore a lovely sim called, Ironwood Hills. It’s a really creepy but.. beautiful place in some strange way? Unfortunately due to my computer I did lag a bit but the experience was still interesting nonetheless! This is the first set of pictures I took and decided to add a bit of a.. creepy appearance to my avatar before heading there. 

I found an interesting sim the other day and my friend and I like to stalk each other around Second Life sometimes so she joined me and we were playing with the poses, some nsfw. I was a bit of a rebel because I was invading peoples empty homes (well rooms). Here’s some of the shots I took! 

I’m the one with the brown hair and my friends the one with the spooky Walrider avatar.

I decided to check on my alt again since it’s been forever. I decided to go to a lovely place called La Vie. I didn’t walk ALL around, but from what I’ve explored so far it’s worth checking out, especially for photo taking.