Exploring Ironwood Hills | Part 1

So I decided to explore a lovely sim called, Ironwood Hills. It’s a really creepy but.. beautiful place in some strange way? Unfortunately due to my computer I did lag a bit but the experience was still interesting nonetheless! This is the first set of pictures I took and decided to add a bit of a.. creepy appearance to my avatar before heading there. 

I found an interesting sim the other day and my friend and I like to stalk each other around Second Life sometimes so she joined me and we were playing with the poses, some nsfw. I was a bit of a rebel because I was invading peoples empty homes (well rooms). Here’s some of the shots I took! 

I’m the one with the brown hair and my friends the one with the spooky Walrider avatar.

School Girl

✖ SKIN [.::WoW Skins::.] Foxy Bronze Nat
✖ SHAPE [N/A] Desireme Fallen Shape
✖ EYES [N/A] More Eyes – Camo Green Eyes
✖ HAIR [Little Bones] Puck (free)
✖ SHIRT [Tee*fy] Elan Wool Vest Shirt
✖ PANTS [Tres Blah] Grace Cropped Jeans
✖ SHOES [*COCO*] Platform Sneakers
✖ GLASSES [T.C.] @Marketplace – Kawaii Glasses
✖ BACKPACK [*EPIC*] – Kawaii Poindexter Backpack RS
✖ AO [Oracul Animation AO] – AX-001 Basically Girl AO
✖ Pose [Kirin] – Gift 1 (Free)

I decided to check on my alt again since it’s been forever. I decided to go to a lovely place called La Vie. I didn’t walk ALL around, but from what I’ve explored so far it’s worth checking out, especially for photo taking.


So basically the clothing and hair were sitting in my inventory collecting up tiny dust bunnies. I figured I’d try some stuff on and these two things fit perfectly together so.. here! I was currently at a beach location while shopping.