Stay hydrated!


✖ Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
✖ Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
✖ Eyes [LOTUS.] – Duality 01
✖ Eyebrows [DAZED] – Blush
✖ Hair [Besom] – Neptune
✖ Skin Applier [Enfer Sombre Sweet shine –
✖ Ears [Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
✖ Swimsuit [Alien Gizmo] – Summer | Black dots
✖ Accessories [:::ChicChica::] – Ice tea (@ Blush)

✖ Location [BARE SUN BEACH]


Off to Comic Fest!


So tomorrow I am going to Comicon / Comic Fest, I’ll be gone from the 24-27th / 28th but will be back at night since I won’t be staying in a hotel sadly. I just wanted to post this to get some of my built up excitement out, and what way better than a themed post?

✖ Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
✖ Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
✖ Skin Applier  [Amara Beauty] – Jewel 02
✖ Ears [Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
✖ Eyes [*(OO)* Yuki] – Hey
✖ Eyebrows [DAZED] – Blush
✖ Hair [Lock&Tuft] – 1975
Accessories [.random.Matter.] – Noticed by Senpai |Lanyard [P]
[Nani] – Baby horns headband (Gift)
✖ Top  [{HIME*DREAM}] – Nekomimi crop hoodie|Pink/White
✖ Bottoms [*Fishy Strawberry*] – Moto Jeggings
✖ Pose [Song of Soul.] – Anabel (Group gift)

✖ Location [Backdrop City]

“Our Digital Selves” By Draxtor Despres


Thanks to Strawberry Singh’s post about this wonderful documentary by Draxtor Despres I had decided to watch it today to check out what it was all about. Our Digital Selves is a full feature film by Draxtor Despres that is shown on his Youtube channel for free. The film is centered around thirteen people that he meets with different disabilities ranging from psychological to physical and how they live within the virtual world as well as Second Life. While I do not want to give away too much about it, in the film they go to the offices of High Fidelity as well as Linden Labs; who is also the team behind the Sansar platform.

I highly recommend you guys view it, it gives a lot of information and insight to different things!

Seeing as this is about disabilities and the virtual worlds, more so Second Life I wanted to take a moment to share some of my personal life with you guys. I was born to my mother on February 18th, 1996 as a dysmature child, now I always considered myself a premature baby, which I probably was at the same time but it was due to complications with my mother losing blood and them having to do an emergency c-section. Because of this all I had been diagnosed with a physical disability known as Hypotonia which is simply a muscle weakness, it was in my right leg. I started getting physical therapy when I was able to walk and I improved with every session to where it grew stronger.

If you know me in real life I tend to have a limp when I walk, although I am 4’8″ and on the heavyset side which could also be a factor, I still have the weakness in my right leg and will till I die. It doesn’t always effect me in bad ways, I can do activities anyone else can but at a slower pace, more so running.

Around the age of 15-16 is when I developed bad anxiety, it came out more during my Sophmore year of high school when I started having panic attacks about going to school, and each morning I’d break down crying and feeling terribly ill, the bus would have to leave and be on it’s way. Besides going to therapy for it plus my phobia of balloons and loud noises, I had to juggle with not being taken away from my parents due to my abscences. They decided, plus my parents that online schooling was best.

With my father getting worse and worse with his COPD and my mother and I being 24/7 nurses for him, I began to develop depression from everything, more so my from the life that I was living. It was from the age of 17-18 that I saw a new therapist that helped with my depression, anxiety, as well as my growing gender identity disorder, or at least that’s what it’s reffered to. Since my father passed in 2015 I been struggling with all three issues, though with medicine my depression lessened but my anxiety is still there, though less at times.

I want to thank everyone who made this film and Draxtor as well for shedding light. Besides that, all the people that blogged about this too which are listed below.

Strawberry Singh
Ryan Schultz
Ciaran Laval

At day in paradise



Even though I haven’t really shopped at Scandalize before, this group gift is so pretty and a great way to hit up the beaches, even a tropical paradise! Although it feels in real life like I’m being cooked in an oven for eternity until Summer ends, I can still escape to Second Life to find some needed relief. I might hit up the store again to see what catches my eye to buy later on!

✖ Body [Belleza] – Freya
✖ Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
✖ Eyes [*(OO)* Yuki] – Hey
Applier [Amara Beauty] – Jewel 02
✖ Hair [Alli&Alli Designs] – Aurora | Toffee (Gift)
✖ Full Outfit [SCANDALIZE] – Vanity – Top
Shorts | Freya (Group Gift)
✖ Footwear [SCANDALIZE] – Vanity (Group Gift)

✖ Location [Backdrop City]

Being a noodle


✖ Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
✖ Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
✖ Skin Applier [Le Forme] – Nana skin
✖ Ears [Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
✖ Eyes  [Nani] – Albino | Blue (Group gift)
✖ Eyebrows [DAZED] – Blush
✖ Hair [Nani] – Noodle.   (Group gift)
✖ Dress [Nani] – Noodle. Dress | White + Blue (Group gift)
✖ Socks [Nani] – Noodle. Thigh socks | Black + White (Group gift)

✖ Location [Backdrop City]

A snow adventure


My friend and I have been hanging out within Second Life for the past two days and I honestly been having a good time. Yesterday we had gone to a nice beach, went snorkeling and then just hung around in the sand till I had to go offline for the night.

Today my friend we ended up going to Jennifer Rose and I went to this lovely snow place called Wengen (Charlet Linden) to get away from the heat of the oncoming Summer. To be honest I had a great time again, even if my snowsuit was a bit warm inside and stiff. They have been making me feel great about us talking, and her supporting me between my troubles the day before yesterday, and just every day. We plan to do more soon, so I hope you guys stay tuned!

Update (5/15/18)

Hello everyone! So as you may know I have never really written anything in my blog posts besides lyrics, or even of course credits. I think that is going to change because I want to put my personality more into my blog(s) and get serious! I may not write all the time though.

“Her Name Is Alice..”


“I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time
And every creature lens themselves to change your state of mind
And the girl that chase the rabbit drank the wine and took the pill
Has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels

To stand outside your virtue
No one can ever hurt you
Or so they say

Her name is Alice (Alice)
She crawls into the window
Shaped in shadows
Alice (Alice)
And even though she is dreaming, she knows..”

✖ Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
✖ Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
✖ Eyes [MOMOCHUU] – Spring Eyes
✖ Eyebrows [DAZED] – Blush
✖ Hair [NEPHILIM] – Serenity | Blonde
✖ Lipstick [Amara Beauty] – Hailey
✖ Blush  [MOMOCHUU] – Anna blusher | A
✖ Skin Applier [Amara Beauty] – Jewel 02
✖ Dress [*Sweet Kajira*] – Alice dress & apron| Black (Non-bloody) (@ Enchantment)
✖ Pose [Stardust] – Alice

✖ Location [Backdrop City]


✖ Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
✖ Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
✖ Eyes  [*(OO)* Yuki] – Hey
✖ Ears [Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
✖ Eyebrows [DAZED] – Blush
✖ Hair [Little Bones.] – Jo
✖ Skin Applier [Amara Beauty] – Jewel 02
✖ Top [{ViSion}] – S&F bow top Abby
✖ Bottoms [*Fishy Strawberry*] – Moto Jeggings
✖ Footwear [BREATHE] – Amanda Heels

✖ Location [Another Furry Sandbox]

Objects –

✖ Chair [ChiMia] – Overtime chair | Coffee

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