Welcome to Havendale Village!

The landing point of Havendale Village

Welcome to Havendale Village, a friendly community and place that will cater to most, if not all your needs! This is the landing point of the village where you can find a lot of the things you may need. Theres shopping, rentals, an ‘about us’ board, as well as an ‘areas’ board where you can find things that may interest you. To make things easier for residents we have a teleporter outside some of the buildings to make your way around easier.

Inside LoPo RP’s store

First stop is part of the shopping area, and this is just one store! We have plenty more around here. Here we have LoPo RP’s store (Their sim here). While I’ve never heard of them before their items here as well as on their marketplace seem cool for anyone who is into roleplaying on Second Life or wanting to get into it. While I am not a fan of Harry Potter, you guys may be! They are still lovely regardless!

Inside Serendipity Poses store

Next stop is Serendipity Poses (Their marketplace). They are one of the well known pose creators within Second Life (at least by my standards) and a great one at that! The store is just out of the welcome / landing area so going there is a must too!

In our lovely village we have places for rent, and you can find them all around the sim! Besides shops we also have skyboxes for rent at great prices as well. If you are planning on renting a store or home, you best act quick! With the stores you can sell whatever you want (except adult items) due to the moderate level and how we want this to be a welcoming place for new residents of any age (or at least SL’s requirement to sign up).

Outside the building for residents who enjoy playing games with friends and other strangers

Here we have our area for gaming, though it may not be the only area depending if it’s expanded. We have trivia, Simon, Mahjong, Bubblepop, and more!

Inside the building where all the games are
Our icecream shop and coffee shop (or whatever you think it would be really!)

Need to put up your feet after traveling so much? We have a lovely sweet shop and coffee shop to hang out by yourself or with friends. They can also work out as small roleplay areas as well, so don’t be afraid to explore your creativity. 

Here is one of the small centers you can find a good amount of other shops and things to do at, or just hang around the fountain and throw in a penny for some good luck! 

Last but not least on our journey is our lovely floating whale(s), and by whales I mean.. we have at least three (from what I’ve noticed) around the sim. See a huge shadow looming overhead? Don’t be afraid! (They may even be mascots.. who knows !) I hope you guys enjoy your time in Havendale Village and keep on visiting us, recommending it to your friends, and sticking around!


“Where are you Christmas..?”

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Hair [Little Bones.] – Riki
Eyes [EVERMORE] – Crybaby | Blue
Applier [Amara beauty] – Jewel 02
Makeup [okkbye] – It’s cold outside blush | Catwa 
Full outfit [89Hz] – Laura sweater | A (@ The Epiphany)
Pose [Serendipity] – Cute #1

Location [Cherishville]