Then and now – #SecondLifeChallenge

So I know I said I was on an indefinite hiatus but I saw a lovely post by StrawberrySingh of another Second Life Challenge everyone can do! (Unless.. they just joined the virtual world of course). It was another challenge for everyone to make a side-by-side comparison of the oldest photo of our avatar compared to the newest. Here mine is!

My experience with Second Life back in the 2000’s was a wild ride, I wasn’t as into the virtual world nor could my poor computer then, run it properly so I didn’t get any full experience. I tried to keep up appearance and not be.. so ugly, at the time I probably looked alright but.. by now with new graphics, meshes, etc.? Bleh! I still have improvements, but I like my avatar the way she is!

Credits  (2018 look) –

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Hair [Little Bones.] – Riki
Eyes [MOMOCHUU] – Spring | Milk chocolate
Applier [Insol] – ‘Just Alice’ | 1. Just me – ST creme (C1)
Makeup [MOMOCHUU] – Anna blusher
Top [{HIME*DREAM}] – Nekomimi crop hoodie|Pink/White
Bottoms [{ViSion}] – S&F *Jeans Beatrice | Maitreya

Location [Backdrop City]


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