About Kitty

35524184981_2d710d9f07_z.jpgIn real life my name is Kelly, I am a  22-year-old woman with brown hair, hazel eyes standing at 4’8″. Though genderfluid as of late, I am fine with the pronouns she/her and he/him. I was born in Staten Island, New York and grew up there, moving in 2009 to Arizona with my family.  Out of Second Life I enjoy; gaming, cosplaying, writing, taking walks, playing musical instruments, reading, and many  more exciting activities! I am also a waitress in real life. 

 My name in Second Life is BloodyKitty230 and I have been a resident within the virtual world of Second Life™ since June 14th, 2012. Not to long after my first days in Second Life did I become a host, going around to a few clubs and gaining more jobs and friends as time went on. Eventually after I obtained a Maitreya body did I begin dancing officially, working a few places here and there. If you’d like to know more about myself please check out the frequently asked questions page!  

My interest in blogging & vlogging grew from watching a few videos of others, enjoying them so much, that I wanted to start doing the same things. From this, my hobby in blogging began in 2016, when I created my first WordPress blog, followed by Flickr. Eventually, I took this a step further, and started blogging for Second Life businesses. Today, I still do blogs / vlogs, as well as my enjoyment in making enjoys friends! Although I have a gacha store in Second Life, I prioritize my real life first.