“—They call you cry baby..”

“You seem to replace
Your brain with your heart
You take things so hard
And then you fall apartYou try to explain
But before you can start
Those cry baby tears
Come out of the dark ..”

So after two days of teleport spamming to get into the Epiphany I made it! The first gacha I want to was the Crybaby set, which is so fabulous! I loved all of the other items as well but this is the set I played the most I think. I even got the two rares !

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
Ears [Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Applier [Amara beauty] – Jewel 02
Makeup [Alaskametro<3] – “Kohl” eyeliner (SL15B gift)
[ARTE] – Verity eyeshadow (Set 03)
[Enfer Sombre] – Tulip lipstick (Gift)
Hair [Little Bones.] – Jo
Eyes [Avi-Glam] – Luster
Full outfit [{Sakura}] – Crybaby romper (Light RARE) (@The Epiphany)
Accessories [{Sakura}] – Crybaby |Vintage plushie – Lamb hold (@The Epiphany)
[Mulloy] – Matte septum
Pose [E.inK] – Eighteen Free Poses (Half-used)

Location [Backdrop City]

Objects –

[Parfait.] – Amelia Bedroom | Light Princess Bed (PG)


So I haven’t gotten anything from 50L Friday’s in forever, not saying that the items aren’t good, I’m just saying they haven’t been my style lately. Besides that I am slowly wiggling my way back into blogging, but it’ll not be fully there yet.

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Hair [Bonbon.] – Pony hair | Natural (50L Friday)
Eyes [MOMOCHUU] – Spring | Milk chocolate
Applier [Insol] – ‘Just Alice’ | 3. Peppy babe – ST milk (B3)
Full outfit [Vanilla Bae] – Sally onesie stars | Maitreya (Group gift)
Pose [Reina Photography] – Beyonkah #4 1

Location [Backdrop City]

Scenes –

[CMYK//] – 8. I Want you

Then and now – #SecondLifeChallenge

So I know I said I was on an indefinite hiatus but I saw a lovely post by StrawberrySingh of another Second Life Challenge everyone can do! (Unless.. they just joined the virtual world of course). It was another challenge for everyone to make a side-by-side comparison of the oldest photo of our avatar compared to the newest. Here mine is!

My experience with Second Life back in the 2000’s was a wild ride, I wasn’t as into the virtual world nor could my poor computer then, run it properly so I didn’t get any full experience. I tried to keep up appearance and not be.. so ugly, at the time I probably looked alright but.. by now with new graphics, meshes, etc.? Bleh! I still have improvements, but I like my avatar the way she is!

Credits  (2018 look) –

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Hair [Little Bones.] – Riki
Eyes [MOMOCHUU] – Spring | Milk chocolate
Applier [Insol] – ‘Just Alice’ | 1. Just me – ST creme (C1)
Makeup [MOMOCHUU] – Anna blusher
Top [{HIME*DREAM}] – Nekomimi crop hoodie|Pink/White
Bottoms [{ViSion}] – S&F *Jeans Beatrice | Maitreya

Location [Backdrop City]

Welcome to Havendale Village!

The landing point of Havendale Village

Welcome to Havendale Village, a friendly community and place that will cater to most, if not all your needs! This is the landing point of the village where you can find a lot of the things you may need. Theres shopping, rentals, an ‘about us’ board, as well as an ‘areas’ board where you can find things that may interest you. To make things easier for residents we have a teleporter outside some of the buildings to make your way around easier.

Inside LoPo RP’s store

First stop is part of the shopping area, and this is just one store! We have plenty more around here. Here we have LoPo RP’s store (Their sim here). While I’ve never heard of them before their items here as well as on their marketplace seem cool for anyone who is into roleplaying on Second Life or wanting to get into it. While I am not a fan of Harry Potter, you guys may be! They are still lovely regardless!

Inside Serendipity Poses store

Next stop is Serendipity Poses (Their marketplace). They are one of the well known pose creators within Second Life (at least by my standards) and a great one at that! The store is just out of the welcome / landing area so going there is a must too!

In our lovely village we have places for rent, and you can find them all around the sim! Besides shops we also have skyboxes for rent at great prices as well. If you are planning on renting a store or home, you best act quick! With the stores you can sell whatever you want (except adult items) due to the moderate level and how we want this to be a welcoming place for new residents of any age (or at least SL’s requirement to sign up).

Outside the building for residents who enjoy playing games with friends and other strangers

Here we have our area for gaming, though it may not be the only area depending if it’s expanded. We have trivia, Simon, Mahjong, Bubblepop, and more!

Inside the building where all the games are
Our icecream shop and coffee shop (or whatever you think it would be really!)

Need to put up your feet after traveling so much? We have a lovely sweet shop and coffee shop to hang out by yourself or with friends. They can also work out as small roleplay areas as well, so don’t be afraid to explore your creativity. 

Here is one of the small centers you can find a good amount of other shops and things to do at, or just hang around the fountain and throw in a penny for some good luck! 

Last but not least on our journey is our lovely floating whale(s), and by whales I mean.. we have at least three (from what I’ve noticed) around the sim. See a huge shadow looming overhead? Don’t be afraid! (They may even be mascots.. who knows !) I hope you guys enjoy your time in Havendale Village and keep on visiting us, recommending it to your friends, and sticking around!

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Hair [LCKY] – Jaime
Eyes [*(OO)* Yuki] – Koda
Applier [Amara beauty] – Jewel 02
Top [Aleutia] – Felicity patterns (Maitreya)
Bottoms [{ViSion}] – S&F *Jeans Beatrice | Maitreya
Animal [Foxwood] – Delilah | Spaniel cuddle (@ Tannenbaum)
Pose [Reina photography] – Beyonkah #3 1

Location [Backdrop city]

Scenes –
[Pseudo] – Gated street scene (RARE)

“Hang a shining star upon the highest place..”

So this girl has been very busy with her new job and I’ve had hardly time to do stuff in my freetime as well as blog! But with the return of a good old event that I love for the Winter & Christmas season, I could not go!

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Hair [Doe] – Bubbles | Brown
Eyes [{S0ng}] – Misa
Applier [Le Forme] – Nana skin
Makeup [okkbye] – It’s cold outside blush | Catwa (@ Tannenbaum)
Full outfit [-Sorumin-] – Cute X-mas dress | Red (With pattern) (@ Tannenbaum)
Pose [//Elephante Poses//] – Beautiful hangover

Location [Christmas decorations]

Just a Turkey day!


MishMish did it again, they killed us with cuteness once more! When I saw these little guys on someone elses photo I knew I needed them, especially with it being MishMish’s lovely creation! (I swear they are plotting to murder us with the cuteness). Anyway, just in case I’m not around Second Life on Thanksgiving, happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

I also apologize because I thought I had three different ones of the animals by the particular creator but two were the same stance, I loved the picture so I just rolled with it!

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Hair [Tableau Vivant] – Nedah
Eyes [Azdesign] – Best Halloween no. 1 (Gift)
Applier [Insol] – ‘Just Alice’ | 1. Just me – ST creme (C1)
Full outfit [Addams] – Jane denim overoll | Maitreya
Top [Vinyl] – Bebe bra| Maitreya (Group gift)
Animals [MishMish] – Turkey stance a, d, a & Turkey companion (Fatpack) (@ Collabor88)

Location [Backdrop City]

Scenes –
[Milk Motion] – Water’s edge scene – 34*34 – 45li


Hey guys, apologies for not posting in forever, I been busy with being back and forth with my new job that’s starting with training tomorrow through Saturday (10AM – 2PM) in RL. I also recently joined C’est La Vie’s group which was free. I’m currently unsure if it still is, but try and take the opportunity while it last if it is!

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
Hair [Besom] – Fallen
Eyes [{S0ng}] – Misa
Eyebrows [DAZED]– Blush
Applier [Amara Beauty] – Jewel 02
Makeup [MOMOCHUU] – Jana | Blusher & eyelashes
Full outfit [NYU] – Striped belted dress | Black
Footwear [Momento] – Walker heels #1 | Maitreya (Group gift)
Socks [::C’est La Vie!::] – Puck socks (Group gift)
Pose [Persefona] – Wedding Gown Pose

Location [Backdrop City]

Scenes –
[RAMA] – #selfie_RAMA polka-dots cafe


So I been in a blogging funk at times, and had decided to leave two of the stores I really enjoy for awhile, but I’m glad they understood. I was checking stores out to see if I had store credit in any, and I did in Caboodle. I was looking around, and right when I was about to leave I saw this cute outfit!

Body [Maitreya] – Lara mesh body
Head [Catwa] – Uma mesh head
[Mandala] – Steking ears season 5
Eyes [Xuxu.] – Milan
Eyebrows [Wednesday[+]] – Taeyeon
Applier  [PUMEC] – Rina | January
Hair [*Tentacio* & .{PSYCHO:Byts}.] – Disaster gym – Lolin hair (Brown)
Full outfit [Caboodle] – Olivia shirt & leotard | Maitreya
Bottoms [Caboodle] – Olivia pants | Red (Maitreya)
Footwear [Ingenue] – Winifred booties | Maitreya
Pose [An Lar] – The Fling Series

Location [Backdrop City]

Scenes –
[RAMA] – #selfie RAMA – Out panels